Office block with panoramic views

Together with the nine-storey sister buildings erected at the turn of the millennium, the building complex provides 44,600 square metres of floor space and currently houses 135 companies from 15 countries. The attractive office location is supplemented by another office building and parking facilities in the immediate vicinity.


IHZ tower

The entrance to the IHZ from Planckstraße
The entrance to the IHZ from Planckstraße  

The IHZ on Friedrichstraße is central, distinctive and modern, and has been an internationally renowned hub for world trade since the 1970s. The IHZ tower can be accessed directly from Planckstraße.

With over 500 offices and conference rooms across 23 of the building’s 25 storeys, it offers plenty of space for international dialogue. At a majestic height of 93 metres, it guarantees panoramic views – to both east and west.

The New IHZ

The U-shaped sister buildings
The U-shaped sister buildings  

The New IHZ, comprising two modern, U-shaped sister buildings, is located directly on Friedrichstraße and is connected to the IHZ tower by a glass passageway.

The 35-metre-high buildings offer lots of space for international trade: the northern building complex contains a hotel and numerous offices, while the southern complex houses apartments and more offices. Numerous cafes, boutiques and stores ensure that visitors have a great experience across the board. The buildings have their own underground car park for leaseholders and hotel guests. There is parking for visitors in the dedicated car park on Dorotheenstraße. 

The spacious glass passageway in front of the IHZ tower extends over four storeys. In addition to housing the hotel restaurant, the passageway also provides the leaseholders with space for exhibitions and events.

Georgen-/Dorotheenstr. office building

Entrance of the Georgen-/Dorotheenstr. office building
Georgen-/Dorotheenstr. office building  

This office building is located directly opposite the IHZ tower. It has the same postal address – Friedrichstraße 95. Leaseholders are able to use all the service facilities of the entire IHZ complex.

The office spaces in the building range in size from approx. 18 to 200 square metres. These spaces can also be divided. However, most of the office spaces available to lease are individual offices or double/triple units. There is direct access to the car park from the offices.

The complex at a glance

The IHZ tower and the New IHZ, comprising its U-shaped sister buildings, form a complex of connected buildings that occupies almost the entire area between Friedrichstraße to the west, Planckstraße to the east, Georgenstraße to the north and Dorotheenstraße to the south. The main entrance is via the plaza leading from Friedrichstraße, but the building is accessible from all four sides. 

The Georgen-/Dorotheenstraße office building, with access via Georgenstraße, and the car park are located further to the east past Planckstraße. The car park entrance is located on Dorotheenstraße.

Lageplan der drei IHZ Gebäude inkl. Parkhaus


Become a leaseholder in the Internationales Handelszentrum

93 metres high, 25 storeys, a maximum of 28 offices per floor, over 500 offices in total – the IHZ is a unique location with an impressive history and attractive neighbours. Anyone who works here is in the middle of the action – at the heart of the city. The dynamic Friedrichstraße and the station are located right at the base of the IHZ.

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The architect of the IHZ

Erhardt Gißke, architect (right)
Erhardt Gißke, architect (right)  

From trained bricklayer to East Berlin’s Director of Construction – Erhardt Gißke (1924–1993) was both the architect of the IHZ and, as Director of Construction, responsible for many of the buildings constructed in East Berlin during the GDR period. He was in charge of construction projects including Stalinallee, the Palace of the Republic and the sport and recreation centre.


History and construction of the IHZ

The architect and others during the topping out ceremony, 1977
Topping out ceremony, 1977  

From the moment construction began, the building brought international flair to Friedrichstraße. It was designed and overseen by chief architect Erhardt Gißke, East Berlin’s Director of Construction and constructed by the Japanese Kajima Corporation between 1976 and 1978.


History and construction of the New IHZ

The New IHZ during construction
The New IHZ during construction  

The Internationales Handelszentrum’s sister buildings were built around the turn of the millennium. A glass passageway connects the old IHZ to the new, U-shaped sister buildings. The New IHZ is not merely an annex – it is a state-of-the-art building complex.